Project references


Exhibition and Discussion of Photojournalism from the FeesMustFall Student Protests

Prepared the press release and exhibition text contextualising the photographic contributions.


Regarding Language and its Limitations: A Conversation with Sun Xun

Proofread and copyedited: an interview with Chinese artist Sun Xun translated from Chinese to English by A. Grimmer. Published in Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art 17(4).

About Blue Mountain Contemporary Art

Proofread and copyedited: A.Grimmer’s introduction to a Blue Mountain Contemporary Art (BCMA) publication explaining the significance of BCMA’s art collection and it’s contribution to an understanding of art and artists in 21st Century China.

A.Grimmer interview with the Director of Blue Mountain Contemporary Art (BMCA), Gedaliah Afterman, exploring it's significance as an art collection and platform for understanding 21st century Chinese art; proofread and copyedited by CJ Rama Dahya. BMCA Publication.


A landing site for 70six Marketing Solutions

Translating preconceived ideas into a resoultion about what is necessary and possible, and contributing to the finished product through copywriting.

A clients’ guide to the suit for Fop’s Tailors

Conceptualised, designed and produced this visual aid to facilitate the connection between clients’ desires and what is possible by Fop’s Tailors.

A guide to the standard suit and the variations possible by Fop's Tailors. I identified the need for, conceptualised, designed and produced this visual aid to facilitate the connection between clients' desires and what is possible by Fop's Tailors.

“It is normally supposed that something always gets lost in translation; I cling, obstinately to the notion that something can also be gained.” 

― Salman Rushdie